National Portfolio Management

Allodial's professionals approach their work as both experienced title specialists and portfolio managers. Our team is able to provide portfolio management solutions regardless of location through Allodial's national network of title examiners, closers and couriers, This network serves as an extension of our local operation. While each property and transaction has unique characteristics, our technology allows our customers a high degree of transparency into the progress of each transaction at both an individual and aggregate level.

Allodial is also proud of its national Discounts and Donations program. In this program, Allodial facilitates the transfer of certain foreclosed assets to nonprofit organizations and land banks on a nationwide basis. The goal of the program is to help restore communities through the framework of the U.S. Housing and Urban Development's Neighborhood Stabilization Program. When the financial institution donates or sells discounted REO (bank owned) properties to approved organizations, the buildings are often either renovated for ownership or razed to make room for green space or new construction. Working through its own offices and it national network, Allodial manages the entire process from contract to close.